• Tolou Pakhsh Aftab (TPA) Co. is one of the largest Food Distribution companies
    in Iran at the present. It established in 1391 and supplies it’s clients through the distribution
    centers located all over Iran through road transportation.

    In order to offer effective services to customers, Senior Manager of the
    Organization has determined the following items as a framework to finalize organizational targets




Vision, Mission and Strategy


Our vision is to promote our abilities in our human resources, procedures, and systems which can be summarized in one phrase: TPA, home to the best brands.


To generate value for our shareholders, business partners, associates, and communities.
will shape our organization to reach the leadership position by:

  • Recruiting, developing, and retaining the best talent
  • Investing in technology to assist us in always improving our operations.
  • Challenging our work practices and performance methods to improve efficiency,
    cost, effectiveness, and profitability.
  • Attaining competitive edge by applying "world class" practices.


  • Pursuit For progression
  • Diversify our product portfolio
  • Offer Work surroundings where our associates can grow in all aspects of life
Security Policy

In order to offer effective services to customers, Senior Manager of the
Organization has determined the following items as a framework to finalize organizational targets:

  • To promote services offered to customers within the process of increasing
    customer satisfaction
  • To reduce distribution and warehousing wastes
  • To increase health , safety and hygiene of personnel
  • To use the appropriate equipment for transportation and distribution in order
    to continuously enhance distribution services of products and decrease supply chain hazards
    within all related processes
  • To grow share of domestic markets
  • To promote technical knowledge of personnel
  • To enhance security and reduce hazards in supply chain processes



Ethics And Values:


Our Responsibility towards our Shareholders

  • Be truthful at all times
  • Communicate with transparency, trustworthiness and fairness
  • Honor our promises and commitments

Our Responsibility towards our Customers and External Parties

  • Act with integrity
  • “Do the right thing”
  • Make decisions that are legally and morally acceptable
Caring Justice

Our Responsibility towards our Colleagues

  • Have genuine care and concern for people and their welfare.
  • Treat everyone with basic human dignity and decency.
  • View situations from the perspectives of other people
Personal Control

Our Overall Balance

  • Continually strive for higher standards.
  • Maximize our ‘good’ and minimize our ‘bad’ through honest
  • Redirect our energies away from activities that make us feel better than others


Internal Values:

Confident Humility

  • Viewing one's achievements without arrogance.
  • Remembering and acknowledging the support of family, friends, and relatives in helping us
    attain our successes.
  • Not believing ourselves to be better than others
  • Being prepared to ask for help or advice

  • Accepting that we are continually learning
  • Carefully selecting good role models
  • Looking to mentors to give us feedback and to help us "walk the talk"
Fierce Resolve

  • Being persistent, even in the face of adversity
  • Willingly facing difficulties with decisiveness and moral strength
Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

  • Maintaining high standards
  • Striving for continuous improvement
  • Ensuring that what we deliver is done to the best of our abilities


External Values:


  • Having a trusting nature
  • Always expecting the best of people
  • Looking for value in our relationships with others

  • Accepting other people
  • Seeing things from other peoples' points of view, which can lead to greater insight and

  • Striving to maintain strong, two-way relationships
  • Viewing things from an "us" perspective, instead of "we" versus
  • Being a good communicator, i.e., listening closely and speaking honestly

  • Bonding with other people, particularly our team members
  • Appreciating others
  • Remembering our common link to humanity